Leaving a gift to The RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch in your will

How a Gift in your Will can help our Branch

RSPCA Leeds & Wakefield branch is a local rehabilitation and rehoming centre. We are a separately registered charity to the national RSPCA; as a self-funded branch, we do not receive government funding and rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of the public to continue our vital work caring for and rehoming abused and injured animals.

By making a will, you are ensuring that your money goes where you want it to when you die. Leaving a gift in your will is a way to help a charity close to your heart. If you have been around pets in your life and they have brought a significant joy to your life, remembering RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch is a wonderful way to help less fortunate animals in the community for many years to come.

How to leave a gift in your will to the RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch

If you want to leave a gift in your will to our branch – to help local animals in the Leeds and Wakefield area – it is very important you use the wording below, otherwise your gift will go to the National RSPCA.

To leave a gift in your will to our branch, please use this exact wording:

I give the sum of ________ (or specify a share of residue) to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch (registered charity number 232223) and I declare that the receipt of the honorary treasurer or other proper officer of the said Branch shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said legacy.

It is vital that you specify that the gift should be bequeathed to the RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch so that local animals will benefit from your generosity.

If you would like more information, please contact our Head of Fundraising & Communications at Sally.Balmforth@rspcaleedsandwakefield.org.uk.