Adopting/fostering a dog from the Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch


Step 1 – Get started by completing our questionnaire below so we can understand what you are looking for and the type of home and environment you can offer so we can find which dog/cat/rabbit is right for them. Feel free to let us know if a particular dog/cat/rabbit on our website has caught you interest. We encourage you to read their story and ask yourself whether you can offer the type of home they need. We will still consider you for all the dogs/cats/rabbits in our care.

Step 2 –  Attach photographs of your home to our questionnaire form. The photos must include; The front and back of the house, from your front door looking out to any roads, any area inside you house that the animal will frequent in. 

Step 3 – With working closely to our animals, we really get to know them and truly understand their needs. So, we will read your application form and then match our animals with the home that can best fulfil our animals needs. This gives every animal the best opportunity to find their forever home and have a long-lasting relationship. 

Please, look out for an email or phone call from us about the next steps.

Adopt-Foster Application Form Questionnaire - Dogs

Please complete the questionnaire and if we have a suitable animal at our centre for your to foster/adopt, we will be in touch with you soon. Please note, due to the volume of enquiries we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone if you are not successful to foster/adopt.

About you, your family & your home

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You are interested in...(Required)
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We would need a letter from your landlord confirming that you are allowed animals in your home if your home is rented.
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Is it secure? How high is the fencing?
How many adults & children are in your household? If children, please write their ages. Will you have any children regularly visiting/will you be planning to have children in the future?
How would you describe the environment in your home?(Required)
How would you describe the area where you live?(Required)
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This will include things like exercise, training, grooming and general companionship.
Would you be willing to foster/adopt a cat/dog/rabbit with a medical condition?(Required)
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If yes, please tell us their species, breed, sex, and if they are neutered/vaccinated.
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Your Experience

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