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About Me

Age: 2 Months(approx)
Gender: Male

My Personality

Hi, I’m Yule!

I am 9 weeks old (approx. D.O.B: 16/9/18) and was brought into the centre with my brother Twinkle and sister Snowdrop after being separated from my mum and other brothers and sisters.

It didn’t take us long to get used to the routine in kennels and realise that we could grab the attention from all members of staff by acting as though we had been ignored! I love to play with my brother and sister and get very excited when the other dogs walk by but I love people too! I like to play with everything even shoe laces… especially when they’re attached to the staffs boots.

As excitable and playful as I am I do have an off switch and will happily fall asleep on the staff and volunteers, if they sit in my kennel for long enough, or curl up in bed with my siblings.

Yule is a lovely boy with a big personality, he’s the first to investigate something new and prompt his siblings to play. Though he loves his brother and sister very much the staff feel he will settle into a routine of being the only dog in a home, as long as he gets lots of attention and time for play. He could also, however, be introduced to another dog to call his friend.

Yule will require all basic training when rehomed and it is recommended that this is done through puppy classes to encourage positive socialisation, but it must always be implemented at home too!  Due to his age, Yule can only be left alone for two hours at the most.

If you are interested in adding Yule to your family, please contact the centre and fill out an application form, thank you.