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About Me

Breed: Pug X
Colour: Fawn & Black & white
Age: 10 Months(approx)
Gender: Female

My Personality

I can be left alone for short periods
I love fuss and attention
I need help learning to like other dogs
I need training how to sit nicely (and then I can master the rest)
I'm always on the go
I’d prefer an adult only household
I’d prefer to be the only animal in a home
I’m small but full of fun

Hi there, I’m the gorgeous Peggy – I am 10 months old (approx.)

I haven’t been here long but I think it’s great that all these staff are here to give me attention!

I love sitting on peoples knee and getting lots and lots and lots of attention and strokes and being loved and cuddled!

I am more than happy to go on walks but I have short bursts of energy due to my genetics and therefore prefer to go out multiple times for up to half an hour, than 2 long walks a day.

I do get lonely so please don’t leave me for long periods of time, I can cope without you for up to 3 hours but not much longer than that otherwise I start to worry.

Peggy is a lovely excitable girl who would fit into an adult only home with lots of time for her, she may be ok with older children but they must be understanding of dogs who require training as she can get over excited during play time. Peggy has not previously been socialised with much and so still requires socialisation to new dogs. Peggy will benefit from professional training after leaving the centre and her adopters must be willing to follow her training plan to ensure she gets the best out of her new home and you get the best out of her.